I bought an protective case for my son's 4th gen IPOD touch. It makes it impossible to put on dock. What strong cases still allow for easy docking.

After my son dropped his IPOD touch 4th gen. and the glass shattered, I purchased an extra protective case, It is really strong and protects the IPOD from breakage, when dropped and it's moisture proof, etc. My son can't get it on the dock with the case on and this is a case that is very difficult to remove. What cases work well with docking. I am hesitant to buy a new case without finding out which one's will work. I saw one case at a store, that said on the packaging that it was designed for putting on the dock easily. It was not for my son's model. Which ones are good for 4th gen. ipod touch?

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  • It really depends on the mark. In my opinion i think the best one is Otterbox Defender Series Case for iPod touch 4G - Black
    by OtterBox. Look it up, its really bulky for breaks and has good advantages.

    • Answered by Alexandro M from Durham
    • Jan 12, 2014