I have an iPod Shuffle, it is an antique but works perfectly. I currently have it hooked up to my Fender 15 Watt Bass Amp. Is this better than a CD Pl

I purchased a Squier, Fender complete package bass amp, and everything. I have been looking at CD players to play through this speaker so that I can play along as I work. I looked at the Sony Walkman and a NAXA NX-319. both had horrible reviews and one of the people that saw my question asked me did I have an iPod, he said that would work. Well, I have an old iPod Shuffle probably 10 years old. I have it hooked up right now to the bass and and it is playing like a dream. Can I go ahead and use the iPod or do I have to get the CD player to be able to play music through my amp when the guitar is played on them? Surely someone out there has an answer for me. All oh the vendors who carry the above mentioned players have referred me to the manufactures in Indonesia and China! I refuse to believe that. If you can help me out please do. Thanks very much,
Wolf 843 Gause Smith

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