is there a stereo cable that can be used for the ipod nano?

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  • If you're looking to connect your iPod to a stereo or receiver, any stereo Y-cable should do the trick. It may also be called a minijack-to-RCA cable. Connection to your stereo/receiver should be relatively easy: find your device's inputs (or a spare input on a receiver, something like AUX or something you're not bound to use), connect the RCA ends of the cable to your stereo/receiver, connect the other end to your iPod, power on your stereo/receiver, change to the corresponding input if necessary, then press play on your iPod.

    From personal experience, it's a good idea to make sure the volume is low on BOTH the stereo/receiver and your iPod before playing; otherwise you're likely to be blasted by sound. What I usually do is turn the volume on my iPod down to minimum, then set the stereo/receiver's volume to the level I'd normally use with another activity (like watching TV, for example). I then gradually increase the volume on the iPod until it's at the desired level.

    One more bit of advice: make sure you check the volume on your iPod before using it with headphones again. That one I also learned from experience.

    • Answered by Paul D from Guelph
    • Feb 26, 2015