what is difference between ipod touch 16 gb n 32 gb

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    The 32 GB has more storage capacity, is $249 new, and comes with the touch loop. The 16 GB doesn't come with a touch loop in the box and is $199 new. ( You can purchase one of course) If you are thinking of getting one, think about how many songs, videos, apps, you are putting on there. Usually, unless you have a lot to put on, you can get by with the 16 GB by putting some stuff in the iCloud.

    • Answered by Nick W from St. Cloud
    • Sep 23, 2014
  • Nothing really one of them just holds more stuff like for instance say you have a 5 gb ipod then you have a 10 gb ipod one can hold more stuff than the other.

    • Answered by Hailey G from Saraland
    • Jan 29, 2015