What is ipod touch Loop?

I want to know whether I should get the 16GB Ipod without Ipod touch loop or the 32GB with Ipod touch loop if it will make a difference or its just a stupid add on

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    The loop? Some people find useful and others don't. Whether or not you would consider it "a stupid add-on" depends on if a wrist-strap is useful to you. I use it as a way of stabilizing the device in my hands while playing solitaire games. YOU have to decide whether the loop is a decision-making factor for you.

    BUT there are other, more important, differences between the 16GB iPodTouch and its bigger brothers.

    1-Most obviously, the others have more storage. Will you be storing photos, music, videos, documents, books, PDFs, apps, mail, etc. etc.? For me the 16GB would be a tad too small. But if you're not going to download a whole lot of stuff, you won't need much storage.

    2- Another BIG difference is that the 16GB version does NOT have the iSight camera. That's the big camera on the back, with the good lenses, autofocusing, automatic light balancing, automatic LED flash, 5 megapixels for still photos, and 1080HD video capture. IF you want to use it to take pictures or movies, forget about getting the 16GB version, because all you'll get is the puny "FaceTime" front camera that's only good for FaceTime and Skype.

    3- Another difference is the colors. The big brothers are available in a slew of great colors. I got a red one (for which a portion of the purchase price went to charity, which was also a plus for me), but they come in a rainbow of gorgeous colors. The little guy only comes in black or white.

    How badly do you want to save seventy bucks? How unimportant to you are the camera and the storage and the colors? THAT's what you need to decide.

    • Answered by Eve B from Boynton Beach
    • Aug 27, 2013
  • Just answering this because im bored at school. The ipod i have is the 64gb 5th gen touch. I absolutely love the wristband. it helps you not drop it so i would go with the 32gb one or the 64gb one

    • Answered by Jack R
    • Sep 24, 2013
  • The loop is a very valuable accessory. I have it on all my canon cameras. It prevents dropping camera and more mportantly it prevents the American from being yanked outta my hand. If Apple cared about their customers they wed have loop on iPhones. Wonder wy they don't care?

    • Answered by Carl M from Daytona Beach
    • Jan 15, 2015