what is the difference between front facing and back facing camera usage?

I have never owned an I-Touch only and I-Pod and am planning to replace my I-Pod with a I-Touch 5.

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    Well the front facing camera is for taking selfies or doing facetime and the back facing camera is for taking pictures of random things or taking pictures of someone, and for taking videos.

    • Answered by Evan T
    • Dec 4, 2014
  • I have the Touch 5 with 32 GB and both cameras, and I love it. The two cameras serve very different purposes. The front camera is low-resolution and while you can use it for photography (e.g., self-portraits), the resulting image is nowhere near the quality of the back camera. That front camera is really intended for video-communication (e.g., Face Time, Skype, etc.). It is no better than the video cameras on old laptops. The BACK camera is much more sophisticated and has much higher resolution. In terms of photographic capability, it's limited primarily by its fixed focal length (it has a "digital zoom" but that doesn't change the focal length of the lens, it only enlarges the image). It has a lot of capability -- you can take panoramas, it has a built-in flash for either dim lighting or fill-in that you can set for on, off or "auto" (letting the camera decide). The image quality is amazing.

    Another thing you can do if you have both cameras is to switch during a video call so your friend can see your surroundings instead of your face (while you can still see the friend on the screen).

    I am guessing that you are trying to decide between the higher-GB Touches and the least expensive model. Frankly, you will want more storage than the single-camera offers, even if you never plan to use your Pod as a camera. BUT be forewarned -- use of that back camera is very appealing and once you have it, you will use it!

    BTW -- I used to use a Nikkormat SLR (with film). My main camera nowadays is a very portable light-weight zoom-lens digital with a very high quality large-aperture lens and tons of electronic bells & whistles, including "manual" modes. I know something about serious amateur photography, and I'm not normally impressed by most point-and-shoot digital cameras. The back camera on my iPodTouch5 is awesome for what it is, and I shudder to even think about the new one in the iPhone 5s.

    • Answered by Eve B from Boynton Beach
    • Oct 24, 2013