What is the difference between the Nike fitness app on the iPod Nano (newest gen) and the iPhone 5 Nike running app?

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    The fitness app that is included in your iPod by default, only works with the Nike plus sensor. It's use is for logging your run without having GPS/Data plan/Gyroscope. Therefore you can use lightweight and small devices such as nano. For the record, it measures steps only.

    On the other hand, Nike running app uses your phone's GPS, data plan and gyro to log your runs. It can't connect to your sensor.

    Long story short, for indoor treadmill run or somewhere without GPS reception you should use sensor, when you run outside use Nike running(unless you really don't want big objects on you).

    It should be mentioned that Nike running can log your runs on a treadmill indoors but it's not very reliable.

    Keep in mind that there are more options by Nike and Apple, such as Nike fuelband.

    • Answered by Zafiris S
    • Oct 4, 2013
  • The app on the iPod nano you don't need to use the sensor.

    • Answered by Diogo A from Teresopolis
    • Sep 6, 2013