which earbuds sound best.Listen 2 Metal & Rock.Sennheiser 300 CX II $75 AUD as a yardstick

Have both Apple earpieces, want more power for my metal and hard rock. It's a plethora out there. Have read that Sennheiser 300 CX II ($75 AUD) are good, but there were no comparisons. Should I go the Sennies, or are there better for that price here in Oz. Would consider spending $100(ish). I'm sorry I know that makes it harder for you to help me, but it is where I'm at. Would prefer in ear types with good fit. Thank you!

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  • I think you should post this somewere else buddy! These pages are only for Apple Products.

    • Answered by Josh G
    • Jan 1, 2015