which ipod is good for a 10 year old

i really want too know becaues she wants one for christmas should i get the new one or the old one.

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    Well, if she is interested in music + Sports you should get iPod Nano or Shuffle you should also consider buying Nike + compadble shoes, it measures how many steps your child takes with iPod Nano
    If she likes JUST music you should get iPod Classic
    If she likes Music + Being silly ( taking pictures) + playing games + socializing than get the Touch =D

    • Answered by Nora P from Ripley
    • Nov 20, 2012
  • you should get her an ipodtouch because she can use it inside and outside, and its(to me) the most fun ipod. refurbished would be fine, too. if she's an outdoorsy kid, she should get a nano, shuffle(which, to me is the easiest to use while playing), or classic(w/ 3 games).i love my nano, but it might not be her "thing". hope i helped w/ your dilema

    • Answered by Christian Moreland A from Slingerlands
    • Jul 24, 2013
  • a really good one would be the older ipod nano 6th gen my younger sister has one and she loves it because its easy to use:) you can find it on Amazon

    Hope this helps you buy that perfect gift for your little one:D

    from, AwesomeDancer131

    • Answered by Taylor T from Auburn
    • Oct 10, 2013
  • the new one would be better

    • Answered by Ada A from Mountainvw
    • Mar 28, 2013