Which provides best audio for airplay streaming: optical, ethernet or HDMI?

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  • It depends on many factors. Let me point a few of them for you:

    1. Speakers - if you're speakers aren't that great hen you may not notice a difference between any of them. Common sense. All three choices would sound pretty similar in this situation.

    2. Audio system - I'm assuming since you asked this question since you have a high quality home receiver or something similar, which in that case, demands the best quality audio since you have the ability to listen to such. In this case, optical would be the way to go, since there can't be any interference with the line at all.

    3. Stream quality - It also depends on the audio compression rate at which you're streaming at. By default, I believe that AirPlay streams at 96kbps, which is okay, but you may notice at some points the audio doesn't sound that great, on any of the three interfaces you listed. if you're streaming anywhere at 96kbps to 160kbps, then all three would be fine, but you may notice a bit more flaws in the audio with optical. If you're streaming higher than the rates listed, then optical would be the best choice. I always choose optical before anything else if I can.

    • Answered by Caleb E from Simi Valley
    • Dec 6, 2014