Will my iPod touch be able to get iPhone apps on it?

I have a 3rd generation iPod right now and when I try to put apps from iTunes on it they won't work, but with the newest generation, will I be able to? And should it be the iPhone apps or iPad apps?

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    All current iPhone apps work with the newest generation iPodTouch. Basically, the iPodTouch is just an iPhone without the "phone" functionality. Some of the apps work with both iPhone/Pod and iPad, while others don't. I have at least one app (a newspaper subscription app) that supposedly "works" with both the iPodTouch and the iPad, BUT the iPodTouch/iPhone version is a very-much-watered-down version of the iPad app.

    If you get a new iPodTouch and do your downloading from iTunes directly from /onto the iPodTouch, via the App Store app, you will only have access to the apps that will work on your device so anything you will download should work (BUT -- check the reviews first for each app you're interested in, because some third-party apps have problems!!!!). If you plan to download an app onto your computer first and then move it onto the iPodTouch, then be sure to use the iPhone/iPodTouch apps to ensure compatibility. But why would you do that? It's extra work.

    • Answered by Eve B from Boynton Beach
    • Jul 7, 2013