15 inch macbook pro for video editing and motion graphics?

I have been using Windows for years know and i am planning to switch to ios.
I work on premiere pro, after effects and Cinema 4d.
i need a "faster" and "non crashing" system .
guys please help me out.

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  • I have thoroughly enjoyed working with After Effects on my early 2013 model Macbook Pro with 8gb RAM and a 2.4 ghz quad core. The SSD and overall tighter integration of hardware and software has kept it much more stable than my Windows 7 workstation was. However, the workstation had 8 cores of processing and was considerably faster at rendering out scenes in Cinema 4D, though incredibly slow overall because of the constant issues and crashing. I'm not sure if that was Windows, Adobe or the fact that my workstation was just old and had had a been taken apart one too many times. Whatever the case, despite being comparatively underpowered, with less RAM and a single, slower quad core processor, I ended up doing 90% of my work on my Macbook.

    The new macbooks are certainly fast- they feel fast compared to everything else. Photoshop launches in just 2 or 3 seconds. Everything else that has a traditional drive in it or runs on SATA II at 3gbps just feels incredibly slow.

    the real advantage is that they allow you more alternatives to Adobe apps- FCPX, Motion, Smoke- etc. I sold my workstation in favor of a mac environment where i could use FCPX or Smoke in stead of Premiere and get your IP out of Adobe's greedy claws

    I will say this, I just bought (and will probably return) the entry level Mac Pro (same price as a maxxed out Macbook) and the quad core processor scores just a few points higher on the Cinema 4D Cinebench test than my current older macbook. The GPU, of course is phenomonal but most of the software I use doesn't support GPU rendering yet. At $3k It's a negligible upgrade today, and by the time its full power is realized the processor may be a tremendous bottleneck

    • Answered by Andrew M from Savannah
    • Aug 17, 2014