15" or 13" macbook pro for music editing

I am entering college in the fall for music industry/audio engineering and I don't know which size mac book pro I should buy, the 13" or the 15". is there any differences with the two? the only thing I know is that I need the most memory possible...

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  • It depends on the budget you are going to spent for a computer with a dual core CPU and 8gb RAM you will be fine until the graduation and for light home studio use. But if you are doing several things at the same time and you like playing fps games on windows platforms and not in consoles then you need quad core CPU and GPU like the one in 15" macbook Pro with Retina display. In my opinion is cheaper and better to use macbook air 13" with 1,7gHz CPU and 8gB RAM and a console for gaming. Several machines for several use.

    • Answered by Nina Julia R
    • Aug 22, 2013