2013 13 inches Air vs Oct 2013 13 inches rMBP

Last week i bought:-
Macbook air 2013, 8 GB RAM, i7 Processor, 256 SSD. for 1549.
i loved the performance, running java IDE and ubuntu in virtualization and mongo db on ubuntu without any hiccup.
but i did like the display, it looks somehow washed out, text was not that crisp on eclipse IDE and browser though good on some apps.
though after maverick update it started to look better somehow and i think now i am may be adapted to it.

now just yesterday they launched relatively lighter macbook pro 13 inches, the config similar in performance to air is :-
Macbook pro 13 inches Oct 2013:-
2.4 ghz i5, 8 GB RAM, 256 SSD is for exactly 1549.
(i don't think i require to go to i7 with this, macbook air is low powered thats why i did for that)
but it has a retina pro display.
pro battery life is sufficient for me and weight difference is not much.

question is
should i return my macbook air and get retina as that seems to be a better deal or should i stick to macbook air, it is hard for me to send it back i started liking it. :). but i want to make a rational decision.

i am a programmer and macbook will be my evening and weekend companion.

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