21.5-inch: 2.9GHz, Should I upgrade ram or processor? I do a lot of Video Editing + Photoshop

I'm looking to get the 21.5-inch: 2.9GHz and I'm thinking of upgrading either the ram to 16gb or to the 3.1GHz quad-core Intel Core i7. I do a lot of work with Final Cut X and some work on Photoshop.

I'm also upgrading to the 256GB Flash storage.

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    Go with 16 GB RAM, I recently got an i5 with 16 GB RAM to replace my i7 with 8 GB RAM. The difference is extremely noticeable, rendering requires a lot more RAM then it does CPU.

    • Answered by Brett D from Naperville
    • Aug 23, 2014
  • I suggest ram. Always ram.

    • Answered by Rhonda S from Little Rock
    • Aug 29, 2014