Air v. Pro- Which is right for this new college student?

So I'm going into my first year of college and I'll be majoring in Music Business Production. It will be used for obvious college work such as papers and all, but I want something that is durable and will last me for years to come as I plan to go into graduate studies in the future. I want something that will run fast and efficiently with music software that may normally take up a lot of space and still have background programs functioning well. I was thinking about the Pro because I like bigger screens, all the space and the graphics (if I end up working with music videos, too or just Netflix or something. Maybe gaming.) I mean, I usually want the best of the best but I've never owned a Mac before, so I wouldn't know in this case

So yeah:
-Music programs (Like editing and creating software. Multiple software)
-Usual college use
-Good with many programs & apps running
-Durable for years to come
-Somewhat graphics?
-Portability isn't that big of a deal, but it would be a plus.

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  • Hey
    Right off the bat, i will say pro.
    i do the excact same things and much more (Music recording, production, djing) and also run all of adobe's programs, and do video editing, photography web design and more.
    MacBook Pro is the very best for this, Mainly because it's the only one that works for your needs.
    Macbook Airs are mainly for people who don't have any real computing needs, such as facebook and youtube and office.
    But since what you will be doing is heavy stuff, get a pro.
    in college i had the Retina Display and the regular 15 inch from 2011, both amazing.
    i tested the macbook air for this thing, and when it did run the programs, it was horribly sluggish and loud, it's just not meant for that.

    So in short go with either size macbook pro, and if you can, upgrade to 8 gig ram and bigger HD

    Hope this helped, Cheers :)

    • Answered by Jeff R
    • Feb 20, 2014