Anti-glare VS. Glossy Display (MacBook Pro) for a graphic design student?

I will be starting college this fall and will be majoring in Graphic Design. I have researched all the specs in the MBPs, but can't quite seem to decide on anti-glare or glossy display. I know I want a 15" but just can't decide--mainly because I have never seen a anti-glare screen in person. I went to the apple store in my area a couple of days ago and asked to see a MacBook Pro with the anti-glare screen and to my surprise, they did not have any on display. Does anyone know of a way I can compare the MBP glossy to the anti-glare in person? I've looked at images comparing the two on the Internet but I can't justify purchasing the anti-glare until I see it in person next to the glossy.

Thanks for your help!

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    The reason you don't see many anti-glare screens out and about is not many people buy them. Anti-glare is great for locations where direct light is on the screen. aka outdoors in the sun or indoor under harsh lights. If your looking to really find one to check them out, go to your local computer stores, BestBuy, Frys, etc. they might have one, again they are the rare side.

    I recommend doing what most people tend to do, get the glossy screen (it becomes a free black mirror when the MAC is off) and then get a after market screen guard ($30-$40) that does anti-glare. I went with the glossy and got a privacy screen and I have no glare problems in direct light with that setup.

    Search for "glossy vs anti glare macbook pro 2012" and there some youtube vids that kind of shows you the difference.

    • Answered by James H from Fredericksburg
    • Jun 20, 2013