best laptop for school and gamming?

I am a HUGE gammer, I also am a student going into highschool. I need a laptop, I was looking at the macbook pro, but I am not quite sure if it is right for me. (I dont do HD gamming)

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  • Huge gamers go PS4. Huge gamers want desktop, if huger gamer needs to buy laptop he first looks at Razer Blade, if huge gamer feels school is also important, 15"MacBookPro with the GeForce GT650m. If you have the cash, go retina with top processor, and don't forget to buy Windows 7 for Boot Camp and Parrallels. ... What exactly do you mean with not HD gaming? I don't do HD gaming either, except for on consoles, on PC I'm way above HD... If you mean below HD... How can your eyes survive the pixels? But although the resolution means a lot to the GPU strain, textures models particles etc all also drain if you want them on high

    • Answered by Casper S
    • Aug 10, 2013