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So I currently have a notebook with 1gb of ram and it's seriously starting to slow down. I can't decide between the mac pro or the mar air. I will be using it for mostly collage work presentations, thesis etc and then music, email, surfing the web. I am also wondering which would be better for my collage work iWork's or MS works as i have been using Ms works for years and never used a mac. I have an iPad which won't really suffice for my collage work. My parents don't understand why I would need a mac since I have a laptop and an iPad can anyone help me with my argument :)

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    Hi Brenda,

    As a science student, your computer will be the most important tool you have. Most of your work will be done on it, and a lot of your free time will be spent using it. You might want to argue that it's worth spending a bit of money on making sure the most important tool you have is fast, efficient, and reliable. Macs are well-known for their reliability, ease of use, great backup software, and excellent customer support. (As a student, be sure to take advantage of the Applecare discount! It was invaluable to me once I started university.)

    Either the MacBook Pro or the Air would be an improvement over your current notebook. The MacBook Pro is bigger and heavier, but has a larger hard drive and a DVD/CD drive. The MacBook Air is much more portable and runs faster on flash memory, but it has less storage space and no DVD/CD drive. Both of these problems can be remedied with external add-ons if needed.

    In fact, I recommend you buy an external hard drive anyway and use it to back up your Mac via Time Machine. It's really easy to do and protects you from losing your schoolwork if something happens to your Mac.

    I hope this helps with your decision. Good luck!

    - Liam

    • Answered by Liam H
    • Jun 16, 2012
  • I would recommend getting the MacBook Air. You will be much happier with this computer than the MacBook Pro. The MacBook Air will easily suffice for your needs, especially the new versions. I would recommend the 13" version as that will give you enough screen real state for working on long papers. The MacBook Pro is sheer and utter overkill unless you are a computer science or film/animation/design major. I would actually suggest getting MS Works because of the fact that a lot of college stuff will come as Microsoft items and MS Works just plays nicer. You won't have to worry about converting all of your files from iWork to Microsoft. As for the arguments with your parents you can try and make the point that you need a computer to last you through four years of college and Mac's are known for their ease of use and reliability. Good luck to you, hope this helps.

    p.s. Get an external HDD for storing files because that flash storage on the MBA can go quick.

    • Answered by Kyle E from Highland
    • Jun 16, 2012