Best Mac Pro Set Up For Video Editing Team

I run a small videography company doing a lot of weddings/events and business web promos. I have two video editors that work out of the home.

I am currently doing all of my rending/encoding on my MacBook Pro and the workload is just dominating the computer. I am looking into getting a Mac Pro with 2 6 core processors, 12 GB of memory and 2 TB hard drive. Here are my questions that I am looking for thoughts on.

1.) In order to save money I would like to use my old 17" display with mini display port. Is this a bad idea? If it isn't a bad idea, I'll probably just buy another one so I can have dual monitors.

2.) Has anyone found a good solution to sharing large video files? I have considered dropbox, but in order to get the capacity you would need you have to spend some serious money. Has anyone tried Hamachi VPN in order to do this type of file sharing?

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