Best MacBook for medical school?

I am going to medical school in September and am looking for a laptop that is protable, durable and will take care of my research/work needs as well as some photo and music usage. I'm unlikely to be doing any high-end processor or graphics work, so would it be worth spending more on the Air rather than the Pro?

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  • From a portability standpoint, the MBA 11 is the best. It has adequate performance for your needs. However, it lacks connectivity of ethernet and firewire 800.

    If portability isn't quite as critical, the MBP 13 would be the next best. It has the necessary connectivity and more performance than you need. The occasional use of the CD/DVD drive is also useful.

    I have the MBA 11, MBP 15 and MBP 17 models. I leave the MBP models on the desk at home as desktops.

    As for the options, get the maximum RAM on the MBA since it is not upgradeable later. The drive can be upgraded if needed on either the MBA or MBP.

    • Answered by Adam A from Las Vegas
    • Mar 24, 2012