Biggest screen on the Macbook Pro is 17  ' or 15"? I'm trying to get one for my lady as a gift and I really need a 17" model.

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    Apple no longer make 17'. You can get old ones on ebay but, interestingly they are going for a premium. I have three and am keeping them because my main pc is the mac and I dont understand or trust cloud syncing (eg using dropbox)

    The good news is there is not so much loss of screen real estate between the 17 and 15. I did a lengthy comparison in Apple store when retina 15 came out, and the much better resolution in the retinal made up for the loss of screen, When you add the other advantages of the 15 retina, going to this from 17 is a loss, but it is one which I will have to make next year when I replace by 15'. Especially as I like the 750 gig flash memory now available on the 15' - I will never get a conventional spinning disc again.

    Either way your lady is going to be expensive - and it could cost more or cause conflict if you get to like it!

    Best wishes, John Ovretveit, Sweden

    • Answered by John O from Natural Bridge
    • Sep 15, 2012