Can a Mac laptop get a virus? Because from what they have told id that it a anti-virus installed in the computer and would never get a virus.

If I buy a Mac laptop would I have to still buy an anti-virus?

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    Though this question is very old I feel I may add some detail to this. Any device that can connect to the internet are at risk for contracting a virus. To my belief when your macbook is at risk of a virus your computer will force a hard shut down to eliminate the virus. This is why I prefer the OS X world. When you do run into issues with your mac you can always call APPLE CARE and they will walk you threw fixing the problem. I must say the APPLE TEAM is the best. Even on my historic devices which are no longer covered they have walked me threw issues to get my computer running on the right track. Hope this helps

    • Answered by Gary W from Riva
    • Jan 5, 2014
  • There's no virus on any of Apple's products

    • Answered by Mark G from Arcadia
    • Nov 22, 2014