can any mac run minecraft

I need to figure out witch computer to get(pc or mac). If you can run minecraft on macs I will get one

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    MOST DEFINITELY YES! The Haswell Macbook Air 11" STANDARD configuration (i5, 4GB RAM, 128GB SSD) runs max at around 20-30FPS, so medium-high settings on native resolution should easily get around 40-60FPS. This is on the Air. On the Pro, or Retina Pro, especially the 15" Pro with discrete graphics, you will be getting 30-60 MAX settings. So to answer your question in one word, it would be YES!

    • Answered by Tyler B
    • Sep 10, 2013
  • In answer to your q: yes it can run minecraft and.. Very well. I have a 2008 iMac and it still beats my friends pc which has a i5 processor. So A new mac must run minecraft amazingly!!!! Btw my mac does not have a processor that has an i(something) in it. It's quite old in the world of tech ;)

    • Answered by Tom M from Stoke Bishop
    • Aug 30, 2013
  • Minecraft is available for either Mac or Windows PC. Also it's been ported to run on iOS and Android, so there won't be any issues there.

    What you have to decide now is what kind of computer you want, and what your needs are.

    I'm biased here admittedly, but I've been running Macintosh computers since 1999. I like the feel of the OS, I like the reliability, and so far Apple has treated me well.

    Hardware-wise, Windows PC's are excellent, but I find Windows clumsy and not intuitive, but again that's my opinion.

    iOS and Android are both excellent. I have used devices that have either portable OS and they both are equal.

    I guess my best answer to you Alexander is you need to find out what kind of computer you really need, what you are going to do the most with it, and how it can fit in your life.

    Good luck in your quest!

    • Answered by Geoffery Dean J from Edmonton
    • Sep 2, 2013
  • hi
    we have run it on a mac mini and mac book pro.
    Its java based so runs on most things.

    • Answered by Mark W
    • Aug 19, 2013
  • Yes yo can play on Mac MacBook and MacBook Pro I play it on it.

    • Answered by Tara W from Owatonna
    • Mar 3, 2014
  • No you everybody can but you need money

    • Answered by Jerad G from Sparta
    • Aug 30, 2014