Can I change the language spell check without changing the keyboard?

I change constantly from English to Spanish and do not want to use the spanish keyboard layout, but want to use the spellcheck in the correct language.

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  • It depends which Apple product you are using. My MacBook and the iBook I used for years do need to switch languages but the keyboards are both qwerty. I forget the peripheral layouts if I don't write in Spanish for a time, but it soon comes back. There is no other way to get the inverted question mark or exclamation mark. Just be glad you don't have to use six keystrokes to get a stress mark as I had to do on early computers (probably before you were born), You can write a chart showing where the punctuation marks are, and you very soon get used to the most common keystrokes for them. Or put stickies on the computer. Suerte! (Typing this on an iPad which won't give me an inverted symbol...)

    • Answered by Terry W
    • Sep 11, 2013