Can I develop apps in Mac air?

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    Yes, you can. MacBook Air is fully compatible with Xcode, the development program for iOS and OS X apps.

    Whether or not you'd want to is a different story. Most programmers do not like coding on devices with small screens, such as laptops with screens of 13 inches and below. The high resolution of the Air does help with this, and you could work around this by using an external monitor, or by using full-screen apps and switching between them with gestures or hotkeys.

    There's also the matter of performance, but I believe the MacBook Air is up to the task. With flash storage and modern processors, you'll probably be able to write and test your code without trouble. You won't get the same responsiveness as you would from a decked-out MacBook Pro or a desktop, but I don't foresee any real problems.

    I use a MacBook Air 13" as my main computer, and I'm more than happy with the programming (and typing) experience. Though admittedly, I came to it from an 11.6" Linux netbook, so there wasn't a big chance for disappointment.

    • Answered by Tyler M from West Haven
    • Jun 22, 2012