Can I exchange my wife's old macbook for a new macbook pro? Well, of course I can but would it be worth it?

Well, my wife's macbook (she bought it 2008, i think) is all sore now. The bottom pannel has a big crack, the monitor's plastic frame is chipping off together with the pannel near the track pad and the battery is now dead (so if we have to use it, I should plug it). She likes Mac but she only uses it occasionally so I don't know how it got so beaten up. She's always careful with her things. I think the material that was used was very weak. We actually upgraded the OS from Tiger to Leopard. But if we buy a new Macbook Pro, it's just sad that the old one will just go to waste. We live in Japan and the CS in Osaka told us that we could sell the old one for about 20k yen(or $200). I actually just bought a new charger worth $50 because the old one broke. The wire near the main adaptor just snapped because the coil inside was twisted.
What should we do? It was worth almost $2,000 back then because of the upgrades and all.
Yes, we know it depreciates. But at least do you think we would be able to get good discounts and deal if we tell apple that we were not pleased with the previous product due to its weak hardware? If so, how can we do it? Where do we start?
I like apple because of its good Customer Service. I had my charger for my iPhone 4 changed in a snap because it broke for some apparent reason. For that I was pleased.
But I do hope they will consider my plead because the old macbook really stinks. The plastic they used was so brittle that even if I take good care of it, it will eventually chip off.
Please help. Thanks!

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    If you intend on selling it, you will receive more from 3rd party buyer. Apple and any retailer wanting to buy factor in costs and will not give you as much as other buyers.
    (think of why a car dealership gives you generally less $ than private).

    So, no do not sell to Apple. You can individually sell components for much more, but you have to find the right buyer.

    Many are in the same boat, including myself.

    • Answered by Snehal R from Houston
    • Apr 7, 2011