Can I host a website on a Mac server?

I want to start an online business, and would like to host my own website on a home server. Can the Mac server host websites? What is the best way to do it, if so? Also, if you have a better recommendation for hosting a website, be it a home server or professional third-party, please let me know.

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    Yes, you can.

    Actually Mac OS X Server is very powerful to have your website hosted on it. You can use a tool called Server Admin that comes with Mac OS X Server to setup your website, email, database, and many other features.

    Furthermore, you can host more than website through something called 'virtual hosting', using the Apache server that comes built-in in Max OS X Server.

    For hardware, a Mac Mini would be a perfect startup for small business, and you can either buy a Dedicated Server package from or colocate your Mini Mac with them.

    The documentation that comes with Mac OS X Server are very helpful and will provide with all the details you want to make your server, website, emails and other web services running in no time.

    • Answered by Yanal H
    • Apr 11, 2011