Can i install os x server on esxi host?

So, I have a Macbook Pro, and have installed OS X Server, just because i want to use VPN (from IOS to Mac and home network) and because im a bit of a geek and love playing around with this stuff. I have a HP Mini Server running ESXI, which I run Windows Desktops on (need access to windows still, for work). I want to move the OS X Server to a dedicated piece of hardware, but dont want to buy more hardware. Obviously the money-no-object solution would be to buy a mac mini server and move my windows VMs on ESXI to VMWare Fusion, but, i dont have £800 to buy a mac mini.

So without the fluffy bits: I want to install OS X Server on an ESXI Server.

I have read that you can buy licences and install disks, but I...
a) Cant see how to do this, and
b) Dont want to buy software until I know this works.

Anyone got any advice?

1 Answer from the Community

  • Apple license agreements state that you can only virtualize OS X on Apple hardware. Since you are running ESXi on non-Apple hardware, the answer is no you should not run OS X on ESXi.

    • Answered by Chase A from St Peters
    • Oct 29, 2014