can i open .doc, .pst, .jpg, .mpg files on a mac?

I have a large file base on my pc and want to switch to mac. I have the typical files, pictures, movies, .crd (cardfiles), outlook mail (.pst), word files .doc, pdf files, .wav files, .tiff files, etc. All are backed up on a cloud server and could be downloaded to a zip or possibly other file manager. The most pc based files I can think of are slide show (motv) and label files.

I'm thinking about buying an imac but don't want to lock up my fairly large number of files.

2 Answers from the Community

  • Actually, you can open all of these except .pst files. .pst files are able to be opened only by Outlook on Windows and some utilities available to export and import the mail files). These solutions will all work well for a one time move. Not so much for an ongoing work flow.

    Apple's Mail client will connect to iMap and POP mail and Exchange servers and you can store mail in its folder structure. Outlook 2011 for Mac has its own (non-.pst) mail storage format which you can also use.

    • Answered by Lee H from Chicago
    • Dec 15, 2012
  • Yes, sure you can. For pst, doc, ppt, xls and other MS Office files you have to get Ms office 2011 for Mac and you can open those files. For any media file you won't have any trouble. If you use specific software for certain tasks, labels for example, you have to see if there's a mac version of that software. I use everyday a Mac and a PC and everything is fine (except for 3dsMAX). Best of luck

    • Answered by Valentin E
    • Aug 21, 2012