can I project the computer screen image of my MacBook Air onto a TV screen

Is there some kind of attachment or adapter that I can purchase

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    I do this all the time, in fact there are at least 4 ways to do this.
    1) get the apple TV like previously mentioned
    2) get the "Mini DisplayPort to DVI Adapter" if your TV has DVI input (some actually do). ($29/ Duel DVI $99)
    3) get the "Mini DisplayPort to HDMI Adapter" and you will need an HDMI cable as well if your TV has HDMI inputs. ($35)
    4) get the "Mini DisplayPort to VGA Adapter" this assumes that your TV has a VGA input (many flat panels do have this). ($29)
    5) get the "Mini DisplayPort to DVI Adapter" and then get a VGA to RGB adapter and use the RGB inputs on your TV.

    If your TVis really old you will need something that can transmit to "antenna input" but in this case you may be better off spending money on a cheep flat panel since the cost of the "Mini DisplayPort to XXX Adapter" plus two extra cables (one to the "to antenna box" and the other from that box to your TV and, of course you will need the converter as well... I am sure that there is at lease one or two permutations that could get you to SVGA etc... but again, you never stated what inputs your TV has so the question is a bit ambiguous.

    Perhaps option #4 is the most useful as you can connect to computer monitors and Projectors as well...

    Hope that this help!

    • Answered by Stanley F
    • Aug 6, 2014
  • If you have relatively recent Air you can mirror your desktop onto a TV via an Apple TV using AirPlay.

    • Answered by Michael P
    • Nov 12, 2013