Can i run ArcGIS for windows on a Mac?

ArcGIS is the ESRI GIS program. It runs on everything except OS. Its the only reason I need to have a PC, but if a sufficiently souped up Mac would do the job then I would gladly get rid of my PCs!

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    I have an early Macbook Pro 2010 with 4 GB of ram. I used Parallels while attending college and consistently outperformed some windows based manufactured machines with 8 GB and even 16 GB of ram. I now work from home using a license provided by my company and I run ArcGIS 10.1 dual booted with Windows 7. I do want to replace my laptop soon due to performance issues. Given the hardware specifications I wouldn't even attempt to install ArcGIS on a machine with my specs, but it performs remarkably well. I would recommend getting a Macbook Pro or a high end IMac. Of course the Mac Pro would be awesome too but I'm guessing thats out of your price range. I would definitely spring for the high end models on both though. Mainly for a dedicated video card. I wish more upgradable RAM was available for the Macbook Pro, it looks like 16 GB is as high as you can go. I would not at all be surprised if the high end Macbook Pro was keeping up with high end Alienware or XPS systems or even outperforming them while running ArcGIS. From a technical specifications view it doesn't make sense that they would. But I've had the opportunity to observe performance of my own Macbook Pro and watch it outperform machines with much better specs. I think observation trumps technical specs.

    I would like to hear other's opinions if they have used ArcGIS with a Mac. I plan on buying a Macbook Pro and just loading windows on it. I love Mac OS. But I don't love switching between the Windows and Mac OS.

    • Answered by Sean H from Salt Lake City
    • Feb 16, 2014