Can I run Autocad on MacBook Pro?


I am planning to buy a MacBook Pro. I use Autocad Drawings for my work.
I already have lots of files on my PC. Is Autodesk programs like Revit and Autocad going to run properly on MacBook Pro? And will I be able to transfer my old files without problems?

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    Yes you can with Parallels or via Boot Camp. Be warned that you need to decided before loading AutoCad or Inventor that you will need to stick with on method or the other.

    Switching back and forth between Parallels or boot camp works great for most programs, but with the Autodesk License registration will think you have switched computers and will give you an error. Neither Autodesk nor Parallels has a fix for this yet?

    I am using Parallels 6 and love the way I can switch between Mac programs and Inventor or AutoCad mechanical with easy. I do everything else with Mac Programs. I down load drawing files thru a vpn while working at home and drag them from the finder to windows explorer to use with Inventor.

    I did opt for the Virtual Machine so that I could run the Mac with Windows 7 under boot Camp. I am thinking about removing it since I cannot switch back and forth and use Autodesk products, but maybe they will come up with a fix soon. Be sure to check out the AutoDesk discussions pages and see what others are saying. Search for Boot Camp and Parallels.

    Anyway go for it. The MacBook Pro real is better build machine compared to what is out there for windows base computers.

    • Answered by Jason P from Oconomowoc
    • Sep 5, 2011