can i run autocad revit, i am an architect

I need to know if i can run microsoft programs such as:
Autecad Revir Architecture
autocad architecture

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    You can run anything if you either run bootcamp (where you restart into windows) or an emulator (Parallels is good and recommended by Autodesk). You will need to buy windows in either case.

    Make sure you choose a higher end macbook pro or imac (or mac pro ideally, but probably not necessary) especially if you take the route of emulation, since you are effectively running two operating systems at once. Emulation also necessitates more RAM. Bootcamp makes more efficient use of your hardware but you would need to restart in windows if you use mac os as well, which is inconvenient.

    A higher end iMac (latest models) with Parallels and 12 gig of ram should do nicely.

    • Answered by Joe Y from Huddersfield
    • Jun 8, 2011
  • Yo need to install the "Parallels Desktop 6 for Mac" and then Windows to run such softwares, but depends on the machine you have. The other way is to install Windows with "Bootcam", but runs Windows separate not like an application, but you need to restart you machine when you want to change from Windows to Mac or viceversa.

    • Answered by Mauricio M from Nogales
    • May 10, 2011