Can I run Final Cut Pro X on multiple computers without purchasing multiple licenses?

This would be for a school setting. I am purchasing/have multiple macs in the classroom and would like to upgrade to Final Cut Pro X.

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    Yes, you can. You can transfer the program via external disk and then run it on the other macs. It may ask for a verification code, in which case enter the code you got when you purchased the full version. This, (in most programs cases), will allow you to use the file on multiple machines. It works for things like iShowU HD and some of the adobe movie editing software.

    Are you using Macbooks or iMacs? either way this method allows you to transfer the full version of the program all over the place. Even to a Windows computer or a Linux if you decide to change machines.

    Hope it helps, and i'm not too late!

    • Answered by Zach T
    • Apr 10, 2013