can I run windows on a mac

What are the ways and costs to run windows on a Mac? For example, running .Net?


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    There are several ways to do this. The cheapest way is to use Boot Camp (comes with your Mac) to create a section of your hard drive to be used for Windows. You will need a copy of Windows (check for WIndows OEM on eBay - I recommend Windows 7 - latest service pack). You can use Boot Camp to install Windows. From that point you can choose to boot your machine either to Windows or to OSX.

    The preferred method is to use either Parallels Desktop or VMWare Fusion (I prefer Parallels). This allows you to run both OS X and Windows simultaneously. You can purchase versions with Windows included if you choose. Parallels also has a version that comes with a cable that you can connect between your PC and your Mac. This, along with the included utility, allows you to copy all your Windows files and data over to your Mac.

    All of the above automatically connect Windows to your existing printer, network and peripherals. They also allow you to drag files back and forth between Windows and Mac.

    Another benefit of the Parallels or Fusion approach is that you can set up multiple virtual PCs (one prepped for games, one for business, etc) and switch back and forth between them.

    • Answered by John H Y from Lubbock
    • Jan 23, 2014