can i run windows on mac mini

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    Yes, you can run Windows either through VirtualBox, or through Boot Camp. I would recommend VirtualBox over Boot Camp because with Boot Camp you need to reboot to access Windows and can not run Windows and Mac OS side-by-side. VirtualBox allows you to run them side-by-side without rebooting, and without repartitioning the hard drive.

    • Answered by Alexander J from Winston-salem
    • Sep 16, 2013
  • We run parallels 9.0 and use it to run Autocad with win XP and this runs fine on a mac mini with 4gb of ram . Not everything is smooth as parallels sometimes changes the drive letter so autocad loses the link but overall it is good and has allowed us to keep old software running. Xp runs very quickly as it not laiden down with upgrades but this is the case with any option I suspect. We use it on a small network and it enabled us to switch to Macs for minimal cost. Boot camp is fine for occasional use but not for business.

    • Answered by Neal L
    • Dec 7, 2013