can i upgrade the memory on a macbook air osx 10.8.4? I want to buy adobe illustrator but it is recommended requirement is to have 8GB memory

I've only had this macbook a few months and am currently using 'Pages', after using Adobe Pagemaker for years I do find 'Pages' limiting and a friend suggested Adobe Illustrator but after looking on Adobe's website it does recommend having 8GB memory.

I also saw a free trial for Adobe Illustrator CC but I think this is a different program to Adobe Illustrator CS6. Does anyone know? Can't find a free trial for Illustrator CS6 and it is very expensive.

Am wondering if I will have to spring for an iMac but the thought of losing half my programs from (don't laugh) a very old XP is filling me with dread. Also, if there isn't a dvd drive on an iMac how do I set up my printer which came with a DVD?

Any advice on these questions will be VERY much appreciated, as you can tell, I am no computer expert.

Many thanks.

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  • You can't upgrade the memory in a MacBook Air.

    OS X can usually install a printer automatically, so the lack of a DVD drive shouldn't hinder that. If not, you should be able to download drivers directly from the manufacturer's website. If all else fails you can buy an external DVD drive, e.g. Apple's USB SuperDrive.

    • Answered by Robert T from Chatham
    • Jul 25, 2014