Can I use Quicken on a Mac

I've been using Quicken on my P.C. for years. I'd like to keep all of my records. Can I do this.

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    Yes, there's a Mac version of Quicken, though the current version, Quicken Essentials, is actually somewhat limited. Many Mac users have switched to iBank 4, a full-featured personal finance manager for OS X. You'll be able to use the set-up assistant to import your old Quicken PC data, including accounts, transactions, categories and investments.

    • Answered by Scott B from Putney
    • May 3, 2011
  • I've used quicken for about 20 years and have been frustrated at having to run the windows version in a virtual machine. I tried many of the mac alternatives, but none even came close to the slickness of quicken. Finally, I started rethinking the whole thing and realized that quicken didn't even serve a purpose anymore, at least not for me. When we all wrote checks for everything and it often took a week or more for checks to clear, particularly bills by mail, and there was no real time online data available from the bank, it made sense. However, there's a reason this software category is being neglected. The world has changed. Most of us don't write checks anymore. We pay our bills electronically. Account activity is reflected within hours on the banks site as pending or processing. The bank has functionality similar to quicken. I can run reports, categorize transactions, set rules, aggregate accounts by linking to external accounts. I was spending hours with quicken, hand entering receipts, downloading data and matching and reconciling. Reconciling is itself an outmoded concept. What am I reconciling to? I'm reconciling quicken to the bank, not the other way around. That process has never caught a bank error, only a quicken error, usually caused by me. So, I was a slave to the software, the process and my own outdated thinking. A word of caution on using third party aggregators. You may be violating your banks online service agreement by providing your authentication information and putting yourself at risk of the bank telling you "too bad, so sad" if you suffer a breach, regardless of the source of that breach. Do you really want to get into a fight with your bank or the third party aggregator over who is responsible for making you whole? Just use the financial institution's online capabilities.

    • Answered by Hal S from Plano
    • Jun 13, 2013
  • Be careful. Intuit's new program, Quicken Essentials, lacks many of the features of Quicken and may not meet your needs.

    The most recent Mac version of Quicken is Quicken 2007, and it is incompatible and will not work on the latest Mac operating system, Lion. Intuit has recently announced that they will provide a version of Quicken 2007 that will run on Lion, expected in spring 2012. That's encouraging, but you might want to wait and see, since Intuit hasn't been to good at keeping their promises.

    There are several alternative banking programs available that are newer and better supported than Quicken that you could check out, but they all have their own shortcomings.

    • Answered by William H from Bourne
    • Dec 27, 2011
  • I too was using Quicken for Windows since 1993 and didn't want to lose the data. I tried iBank and another for the Mac. It worked okay but not enough to get me to stay on it. Plan on a day to get everything imported if you take that route. I rely heavily on the tags/classes in Quicken and the Windows version is better than the Mac version. I did have Parallels Desktop installed on my Mac which lets me run a windows version.

    • Answered by Michael K from Churchville
    • Dec 27, 2011
  • Intuit announced today Quicken 2007 for Mac will now run on Lion. So far it looks like only the USA version will run on Lion. No announcement about if the Canadian version of Quicken 2007 will run on Lion yet though. Here's hoping.


    • Answered by Mark J from Sebring
    • Mar 9, 2012
  • PayPal is NOT compatible with iBank. No categories are downloaded, which makes it useless for my purposes. I found this out after many, many hours of trying and phoning and echatting. It is also not fully compatible with FreshBooks. It is ONLY compatible with QuickBooks and Quicken on a PC. No Mac compatibility at all. And PayPal has no intention of changing that. PayPal and iBank are both completely dishonest about this. Apple needs to tell people. I am very disappointed. I need help finding an app that will allow me to run Quicken on a PC on my Mac. Any ideas?

    • Answered by Nancy S from Chicago
    • Apr 19, 2013
  • yes you can. just buy the software.

    • Answered by Amy H from New York
    • Jan 5, 2012