Can I utilize all pixel real estate on retina?

The retina display essentially looks like a sharper 1440x900 display, can you adjust to be different? For example; have as much space for your windows as a 1920x1080 display?does this make sense? I do WebDesign and the fact that all those pixels are only used to make the screen look sharper, bugs me. If I could work on multiple web pages simultaneously I would very much consider the retina, otherwise I will save $600 and go with the 13" Air with 1440x900 (which oddly enough is better Rez than 13" Pro)

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    Yes and no. The resolution is 2880x1800, but the UI for apps and the OS is scaled up. You can adjust the amount of UI scaling in the Display Preferences, but not all the way, so you can't disable UI scaling and run at native res with no scaling.

    When I use boot camp to run Windows 7, it allows you to set the resolution to native and disable UI scaling, but the interfaces appear so small as to be unusable.

    I'm a web designer as well, and I usually turn up the virtual resolution (turn down the UI scaling) for a bit more screen real estate. It can be set as high as 1920x1200, but I usually run it at 1680x1050 so the UI isn't too small to use. There are probably 3rd party apps that let you disable the scaling, but I have not tried that, myself.

    Apps like photoshop or FCP can display images and video at actual size (1:1 pixel ratio), but only if they have been optimized for the retina display.

    I hope this helped.

    • Answered by Peter C from St. Louis
    • Feb 16, 2013