Can the MacBook or the MacBook pro play region 2 or multi-region DVDs?

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    All Apple drives come new as multi-region but once you have played a specific region 5 times it will lock to that region.
    I am not aware of a way that this can then be unlocked.
    Technically this means that the dvd drive is NOT multi-region.
    What I still don't know is that if you have more than 1 external drive eg the
    Macbook Air Superdrive, can you have one locked to one region eg NTSC and another locked to another region eg PAL I.
    I gather the region locking is a software mechanism, and presumably the same software would drive any number of drives, so its probably the software that locks the device to the region not the drive itself.
    Someone mentions VLC somewhere, a free (excellent) Application that will play back content from ANY region. But when the Superdrive is connected the MAc wants to replay on the MAC DVD software so I don't know if VLC is the answer

    • Answered by Grant G
    • Sep 1, 2011