Can Windows 7 be installed on Macbook Pro with the appropriate Apple software.  If it will, do I need the Mac MS Office software?

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    Yes it can be done.
    You have two options.

    1) Boot Camp
    Boot Camp is comes with MacOSX just for you to install another OS on another partition on your harddrive.
    But in this option you need to restart your computer when ever you want to switch between Mac & Windows.

    2) Virtual Machines
    With installing softwares like VMware Fusion or Parallels you can virtually install another OS just into your MacOSX.
    And this option has some performance difficulties if you want to run powerful applications. For eg. Adobe After Effects, 3DSMax, etc.

    Your choice.

    P.s. I prefer using Fusion to run Windows applications.

    • Answered by Bener G from Istanbul
    • Mar 25, 2013