Can you change the keyboard language?

Hi, I'm thinking about buying a MacBook Pro (13") but a lot of what I type is in French. Is it possible to change the keyboard language so it types with the accents? I know on older models, you can change the language of the laptop. I don't need the accents to be written on the keyboard, I just need to know that it has the ability to type accents (withot using alt commands, preferably).

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    Yes, there is. Here's how:

    1. Open system preferences.
    2. Choose "Language & Text".
    3. Choose "Input Sources".
    4. On the left you will find a list of keyboard layouts for different languages. Check the ones you want to be readily available. There are 3 layouts for French on my version of OSX.
    5. At the bottom check "Sow input in menu bar". This will insert a flag icon in the menu bar.
    6. Clicking on the flag icon in the menu bar lets you choose which layout you want to use.
    7. Choose "Show Keyboard Viewer" from that same menu to see what the layout looks like.

    For the French layout the row of numbers at the top turns into & é " ' ( § è ! ç à respectively.

    • Answered by Seth M from Chicago
    • Jun 30, 2012