Can you engrave a 27" iMac?

Is there any way possible to have an iMac 27" engraved as a "SPECIAL 50TH BIRTHDAY GIFT"?

I know you engrave iPods, iPhones, iPads...for "Sweet 16's", "turning into an Adult at 18, legal to vote and all", then there's the whole "Turning LEGAL AGE OF 21" who probably won't remember it in the morning...but "TURNING THE BIG 5-0"!! "You've been thru 13, Sweet 16, Adult 18 TEENS", and even living & turning "LEGAL 21"!!

But turning "HALF A CENTURY, THE BIG 5-0" that's a great way to have a computer engraved for that person.

All I can do is ask. I bought the computer in your SouthPark Apple store in Charlotte, NC. But they had NONE IN STOCK! Which made me have to order it and wait for shipped. I figured there would be no harm in asking if it 'COULD BE DONE"!!

Thanks all the same it would & will be their 1st iMac and for an older person 27" screen will be great for when the eye sight starts to go!

Thank You if POSSIBLE~

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