can you play pc games on macbook?

Im trying to buy the new Sims 3 Island Paradise. and it says PC right next to the title.

1 Answer from the Community

  • Well, I believe you could use BootCamp to play your PC games. Bootcamp is an application right inside each Mac that lets you access your PC right from your Mac! Let's say you have a macbook. Beautiful performance, but the two thing missing are great gaming and... well... access to PC applications! What do you do? Well, you connect your PC to your Mac, turn on BootCamp, and tada! Windows 7 or 8 on your Macbook Air or Pro! (I reccommend Pro for that better speed and graphics). If you have any questions or help setting up Bootcamp, I know for sure that you can go to a Genius Bar near you, and they will help you out!

    • Answered by Randal R from Augusta
    • Oct 7, 2014