cheapest 13 inch MBP worth it? what about refurbished?

Here's my deal. i have one computer. a 6 year old imac which is falling apart and needs replacing. I have dsl internet because i don't want my kids getting online without my seeing so i need ethernet.

I have no smartphone, no tablet, no ipod, nada. my only gadget is my computer and i use it alot and i need it to last a long time and not get sluggish after a few software upgrades. (my imac did get sluggish and needed memory added.). i want to get a macbook pro. however the only one i can remotely afford is the 1199 13 inch macbook. i have some concerns. the memory is half the size of the smallest ipod and the 500gb ram is what my imac had and within a year it was all slow.

i have 2 questions. is the memory on the 13 inch macbook an issue if its my only device? and 2: i am considering a refurbished one but they don't seem to have osx lion. If i am splurging on a new computer already then i want the newest version. do the refurbs have lion, how hard is it to upgrade it if i get one of those?

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    I personally would not go refurb. Go new less chance of a defect and will last you longer. Also i use my 13 inch daily and for school an for light gaming and its fine it should last you a few years. :)

    • Answered by Matt T from Sault Ste. Marie
    • Jan 23, 2012