College Student- Macbook Air or Macbook Pro?

I am entering college this upcoming fall, and I have about $1400-$1500 to go towards my laptop. I've never owned a Mac before though, so I don't have a bunch of experience with how each computer runs compared to another.

I'm debating between the MBA 13'' or the MBP 13'' (2.9GHz)...

I will be a Physiology Major (which is basically just Human Biology), but may possibly minor in Photography as well, as I am an avid photographer with my own small business.
The only things that I will use my laptop for is writing papers, editing photos, downloading music/apps, and surfing the web (YouTube, Facebook, etc.).

I also will be getting an iPad through a scholarship... so if that makes any sort of difference as to which laptop would be better combined with the laptop...

Portability isn't too much of an issue to me because I'll be living on campus and my classes are fairly close to my dorm. I know that the MBA doesn't come with a CD hard drive, but will that really be that much of an issue? Also, I've heard that if there are new versions/updates, that the MBA isn't a good laptop to have because it can't download/have enough storage space?

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