College Student: Should I get a MBA or a MBP?

Hi, I'm a high school student and in a couple months I'll be going to college with a major in Biotechnology. I'm going to be taking a lot of math and science classes, and probably a couple engineering classes, and I'm planning on getting a minor in something like Criminology. On top of that, I like using my laptop for surfing the internet, downloading movies, holding my 1,000+ iTunes library, and sometimes playing graphics intense games (Sims 3 with all extensions, Amnesia, Assassin's Creed, etc.) Which laptop and size would be best for my needs?


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    Congratulations! you have a great future ahead and to meet your school work as well as leisure activities the right laptop would be a 15-inch: 2.7GHz
    with Retina display

    2.7GHz quad-core Intel Core i7
    Turbo Boost up to 3.7GHz
    16GB 1600MHz memory
    512GB flash storage1
    Intel HD Graphics 4000
    NVIDIA GeForce GT 650M with 1GB of GDDR5 memory
    Built-in battery (7 hours)

    Alternative is MacBook Pro 13 -inch: 3.0GHz Retina Display note book with closer to above specs!

    For better visual experience these come with retina display and once you start using them every other laptop screen looks dull to your eyes. These are pricy but worth every penny!

    • Answered by Vijay D from Durham
    • May 19, 2013