comparing imacs

Hi everyone , im pretty new to apple , i have purchased the ipad ,the ipod touch 5th gen , and apple tv . Now im thinking of upgrading my laptop [ not apple ] to an imac computer , and i noticed something that caught my eye and if anyone could tell me in laymans terms whats the difference id be eternally grateful as its a big purchase for me and want whats right , so my query is ........... one imac had 1TB of hard drive , and the other had , 1TB of gosh ive forgotten the name , its another form of hard drive i presume ,but its not called that , argh! fusion drive ,thats it i think . so whats the difference and advantages and disadvantages of both please, this is an important question to me , as its going to be the biggest purchase i,ll make from apple. So let me say in advance a BIG thank you to everyone that answers.

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