Considering buying either the MacBook Air or the MacBook Pro possible with reina display not sure which can anyone help?


I'm planning on going to uni soon to study a degree in computers and IT with design as a second subject, and was looking to maybe buy a MacBook.

I'm just not sure which one would be best suited for myself, at the moment I already own an iPad with retina display.

At present I'm considering either buying the new MacBook Air or MacBook Pro possible with retina display.

I will mainly need the laptop for writing assignments, with some photo editing in the first few modules. I've seen I'm going to be doing voice over presentations with later on in the course dealing with software delopment using java.

Apart from studies will maybe use the mac to surf the Internet, watch films/TV shows.

Can anyone advice is which one is best suited for me, I've never bought a mac before I've always used a pc or other branded laptops.

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